What Happens To My Homeowners Insurance Policy When I Move?

Las Vegas, NV is a nice place to live, but what happens to your homeowners’ insurance policy when you decide to move? Everett Insurance Group helps our Nevada clients analyze their insurance policy before they move and can help you determine whether or not you need a new insurance policy.

It is not possible to transfer your existing policy to your new home because it may not be exactly the same. Some insurance companies offer a refund for a percentage or all of the unused time. Some charge a certain percentage to amend your policy. You need to provide your insurer with details about your new home and the address. They will then use the information to calculate your new premium rates. You may choose to cancel the policy completely and find a new policy to suit your new needs. Everett Insurance Group helps to write personalized insurance quotes for our clients in Las Vegas, NV and throughout the state.

Insurance Coverage When Moving In With Someone

When moving in with someone else, regardless of your relationship with them, you still need homeowners’ insurance coverage to protect your personal property from perils such as theft and fires. You also need liability coverage to protect you if someone gets injured while at your property. The only time you may not need to get your own homeowner’s insurance policy is if you are getting married.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Damage When Moving?

Like with all insurance coverage options, you will only be compensated for losses covered by insured perils. If, for example, you are insured for property loss by theft and your moving truck gets robbed, then you will be insured. If, however, the damage is caused by uncovered risks, then you will not be compensated.

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