How to Customize Your Commercial Insurance Policy

Similar to how you can customize your homeowner’s insurance policy to meet your unique needs, you’re also able to customize a commercial insurance policy. Not all businesses are the same, so a standard policy may protect you from most events, but your specific business may be subject to other risks too. Not having an appropriate policy could result in lost wages, customers, data, and time, resulting in a catastrophic problem. If you want to chat with a knowledgeable professional about designing a customized commercial insurance policy for your business, contact Everett Insurance Group, proudly serving the Las Vegas, NV area.

Why a Custom Policy is Best

Loss control add-on coverage protects your business against potential risks based on your line of work and specific industry. Lost control services may reduce your risks and insurance premiums if you have to make a claim.

For example, lost control services are customizable based on your needs, including:

  • Mechanical breakdowns of production equipment
  • Pollution liability, which deals with costs involving pollution, such as personal injury or clean-up
  • Business crime insurance protects you against losses from fraud, burglary, and employee dishonesty
  • Business income insurance pays out lost revenues and expenses incurred if your business needs to relocate due to disasters, such as fire or wind damage

Other Types of Protection

If your business transports items across the water and land, inland marine protection protects mobile or moveable assets while they’re in transit. For example, you would be covered if products are damaged while being transported from the warehouse to a storage unit or store.

Electronic data processing coverage deals with costs resulting from damaged or lost electronic data processing equipment or media.

There are many more available coverage types. Get in touch with Everett Insurance Group, proudly serving the Las Vegas, NV area, to find out which coverage is best suited for your business.