I Lent My RV – Is My Pal Covered?

We Love Using Our Recreational Vehicles in Las Vegas, NV. We live here too. The agents at Everett Insurance Group are encouraged to help people learn about and acquire the very best recreational vehicle insurance policy that they can get. You are generous, you let your friend and his family use your RV for the week. You weren’t using it so you figured why not? – right? Find out a few things about your pal. He owes you big time and should be forthcoming with the information that may help both of you.

Is He Covered?

The answer is not a simple one. Yes, your RV is covered for theft no matter who is in possession of it. It is a much different situation when it comes to liability if something like an accident happens. 

Speak With An Agent

Make certain your RV is protected in the event your friend borrows it. Your agent will be able to give you priceless information that will be worth more before any problems occur.  Your friends driving record will be critical information for your insurance agent. If your friend has infractions or a horrific driving record, it’s possible that the insurance will not cover any liabilities that may occur while your friend is in possession of the RV.  If you lend your recreational vehicle frequently you may want to write that into your policy. Your agent will work with you to ensure that you are protected in how you use you specifically use your vehicle. 

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