Benefits of Classic Car Insurance

Classic cars have unique insurance needs. Just like your family car, they need to have insurance to be driven on the road. While classic car insurance is similar to other auto insurance policies, it does have some unique features. The policy will place the insured value at an amount that is agreed upon. Also, classic cars tend to increase in value over time, unlike traditional vehicles. In the Las Vegas, NV area, our agents at Everett Insurance Group can help you with insurance for your classic car. 

Not every vehicle qualifies for classic car insurance. In Nevada, classic cars are defined as those that are at least 25 years old. Also, they can not be used as a primary vehicle. Most insurance will give an annual mileage limit. This allows car enthusiasts to be able to attend auto shows but not drive the vehicle frequently. Finally, when it is not out on the road, it needs to be appropriately stored in a garage. 

For those vehicles that meet those requirements, the rest of the policy is similar to traditional auto policies. Policies offer comprehension and collision insurance. Some include roadside assistance and flatbed towing. If the car is displayed at shows, coverage will protect it when you are not there. Medical coverage is also available while attending auto shows. 

At Everett Insurance Group, our team works with classic car owners throughout the Las Vegas, NV area. We understand the special needs that classic cars have. We’ll discuss your coverage options with you so that you can choose the policy that best suits your needs. Whether you’ve lovingly restored the vehicle or are an enthusiast, you need to know that it’s protected when you head to an auto show. Give us a call and protect your classic car today!