What is typically not covered by boat insurance policies?

Taking your boat out for a nice day during a vacation in Las Vegas, NV may make you forget about everything that can go wrong. While you may have peace of mind with your insurance package, you must be mindful that everything is not covered. If you are looking for a suitable insurance plan, consider checking out what Everett Insurance Group has to offer.

When Your Boat is Not In Use

When you put your boat into storage on your property, it may likely be out of reach of your insurance policy. Instead, it may be covered by an extension of your homeowner’s insurance. An umbrella policy may also be needed for extended coverage away from the water. Boat insurance plans may also have specified periods of coverage for the months that you are not using the boat.

Personal Possessions

Expensive items that you or passengers take onto your boat are likely not covered. Of course, there is always variance to this, and it may be optionally added to comprehensive coverage. There may also be limits to types of items covered or value limits if you use an add-on policy.

Internal Machinery

Some insurance policies may specifically exclude covering damage to internal components (like engines). This should be carefully reviewed and discussed with your insurance policy if this is a concern.

Intentional Damage

If you intentionally cause damage to your own boat or others, you can bet that it won’t be covered. In fact, you may also have other legal issues on hand if this occurs.

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Once you get everything sorted out for your boat insurance policy in Las Vegas, NV, you may finally enjoy your boat trip in peace. If you are shopping around for the perfect plan, consider consulting with the experts of Everett Insurance Group.

Learn About Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is additional liability coverage that protects you from outrageous lawsuits or other costly claims. This type of insurance covers you above and beyond your regular homeowners or auto insurance policies. When you visit the Everett Insurance Group, their independent agents in Las Vegas, NV can help you navigate through the information concerning umbrella insurance.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Normally, your insurance policies contain their own liability insurance, but these policies have limits. Umbrella insurance begins when these policies limits have been exceeded. For example, if someone falls and is injured on your property because of your negligence, you could be liable for medical expenses and legal fees. If those costs go beyond the limit of your liability insurance, then you would have to pay the amount out-of-pocket if you did not have umbrella coverage.

What Types of Coverages are Available?

  • Bodily injury liability – is used when you are responsible for damages to another person’s body. Such as in an auto accident, a fall in your home, or a dog bite.

  • Property damage liability – covers the cost of damages that you cause to someone else’s property. If you are in a car accident that is deemed to be your fault, you could be liable for the damages to that individual’s vehicle.

  • Other types of liability – includes slander, libel, and false arrest.

Where to Purchase a Policy?

Many accident claims can suddenly grow into an immeasurable expense that goes well beyond your insurance limits. Visit the expert insurance agents in Las Vegas, NV at the Everett Insurance Group when you’re ready to get added protection with an umbrella insurance policy. These independent agents are also available when you need to start a new policy or update your existing auto, commercial, or homeowners insurance.

Is Personal Injury Covered by Condo Insurance?

Owning or renting a condo is a fantastic way to spend your free time, and with the right condo insurance, however, you can be sure your condo is going to be safe and sound no matter what happens. Most condo policies cover a wide range of things that make owning or renting a condo a bit safer with a policy. For those that live in the Las Vegas, NV area, the agents with Everett Insurance Group can help you find the perfect coverage.

There are a few very basic things that condo insurance covers, for starters, damage from things like fire and storms, theft of personal property, break-ins, and even personal injury on the property. There is a limit, however, to how much you can claim on a condo policy. In most cases, your condo policy is going to cover things like an injury that was caused by the property itself and injury to people that you brought to the condo. Say, for instance, the stairs on the deck of the condo collapse and cause a broken ankle, those costs would be covered. If a painting fell and you injured your foot on broken glass, it may not be included because you were the one that brought the painting.

Knowing what your plan covers is one of the best ways to make sure you are fully covered for any eventuality. If you ever have questions about how a policy works or what you can claim on your coverage, it is always best to speak with an insurance agent to find out just what your policy covers and what you can claim. For those that live in the Las Vegas, NV area, the helpful agents with Everett Insurance Group can assist you in finding the perfect condo policy with just the right amount of coverage.

Getting the Right Type of Auto Insurance Policy in Las Vegas, NV

Getting the right type of auto insurance policy is important. If you live in the Las Vegas, NV area, then Everett Insurance Group can help provide you with all the necessary coverage options, tools, and resources you need to stay protected. Remember that transportation is an investment, and so is your health and welfare. Getting the right coverage for property, liability, and medical issues are one of the most important reasons that auto insurance exists. Make sure you have the right plan in place in case of an accident or other problem. 

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage is the minimum type of coverage usually required in most states to drive on public roadways legally. It helps protect you and other drivers from costs associated with medical care, property damage, and other costs. It provides minimal coverage as opposed to full coverage. There are usually several ways to shop for liability insurance with different levels of coverage. Talk to an agent to learn more about what options for coverage are available. 

Full Coverage 

Full coverage is the preferred method of insurance. Often, dealerships and lenders will require you to purchase full coverage insurance when buying or leasing a new car. This is how they protect themselves from the liability from lending money to someone who may crash the car or run into financial trouble from an incident involving their car. They want to see to it that there is some insurance so the vehicle owner can continue to make payments on the loan or lease. Additionally, full coverage protects you with more coverage and more options for vehicle replacement, hospital costs out of pocket and more. Full coverage might also cover more types of incidents than the liability, but each policy is different, and you should consult with an agent on the specifics of your policy. 

Contact the offices of Everett Insurance Group in Las Vegas, NV to speak with an agent about getting an auto insurance policy and a quote.

How to Customize Your Commercial Insurance Policy

Similar to how you can customize your homeowner’s insurance policy to meet your unique needs, you’re also able to customize a commercial insurance policy. Not all businesses are the same, so a standard policy may protect you from most events, but your specific business may be subject to other risks too. Not having an appropriate policy could result in lost wages, customers, data, and time, resulting in a catastrophic problem. If you want to chat with a knowledgeable professional about designing a customized commercial insurance policy for your business, contact Everett Insurance Group, proudly serving the Las Vegas, NV area.

Why a Custom Policy is Best

Loss control add-on coverage protects your business against potential risks based on your line of work and specific industry. Lost control services may reduce your risks and insurance premiums if you have to make a claim.

For example, lost control services are customizable based on your needs, including:

  • Mechanical breakdowns of production equipment
  • Pollution liability, which deals with costs involving pollution, such as personal injury or clean-up
  • Business crime insurance protects you against losses from fraud, burglary, and employee dishonesty
  • Business income insurance pays out lost revenues and expenses incurred if your business needs to relocate due to disasters, such as fire or wind damage

Other Types of Protection

If your business transports items across the water and land, inland marine protection protects mobile or moveable assets while they’re in transit. For example, you would be covered if products are damaged while being transported from the warehouse to a storage unit or store.

Electronic data processing coverage deals with costs resulting from damaged or lost electronic data processing equipment or media.

There are many more available coverage types. Get in touch with Everett Insurance Group, proudly serving the Las Vegas, NV area, to find out which coverage is best suited for your business.

What Happens To My Homeowners Insurance Policy When I Move?

Las Vegas, NV is a nice place to live, but what happens to your homeowners’ insurance policy when you decide to move? Everett Insurance Group helps our Nevada clients analyze their insurance policy before they move and can help you determine whether or not you need a new insurance policy.

It is not possible to transfer your existing policy to your new home because it may not be exactly the same. Some insurance companies offer a refund for a percentage or all of the unused time. Some charge a certain percentage to amend your policy. You need to provide your insurer with details about your new home and the address. They will then use the information to calculate your new premium rates. You may choose to cancel the policy completely and find a new policy to suit your new needs. Everett Insurance Group helps to write personalized insurance quotes for our clients in Las Vegas, NV and throughout the state.

Insurance Coverage When Moving In With Someone

When moving in with someone else, regardless of your relationship with them, you still need homeowners’ insurance coverage to protect your personal property from perils such as theft and fires. You also need liability coverage to protect you if someone gets injured while at your property. The only time you may not need to get your own homeowner’s insurance policy is if you are getting married.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Damage When Moving?

Like with all insurance coverage options, you will only be compensated for losses covered by insured perils. If, for example, you are insured for property loss by theft and your moving truck gets robbed, then you will be insured. If, however, the damage is caused by uncovered risks, then you will not be compensated.

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