When do I need to get RV insurance?

The Las Vegas, NV area can be a great place to work and live. At the same time, it is located near some of the most beautiful natural landmarks and parks in the country. To ensure that you can see all of the areas that you can, getting an RV could be an excellent investment. With an RV, you will be able to explore the countryside while also having a convenient place to sleep at night. When you are looking for an RV, you also need to consider getting an RV insurance policy. There are several situations when this will be necessary.

When Going on a Public Road

One situation when you should get an RV insurance policy is when you intend to drive the car on a public road. RV owners are subject to the same liability auto insurance requirements as anyone else is. To ensure that you comply with the law, you are going to need to have an RV insurance policy at all times.

When Pledging RV as Collateral

An RV can be a very significant asset that will require you to take out a loan to finance the purchase. When you do take out a loan, the lender will be counting on the RV as collateral for the loan. Whenever you do have a loan outstanding against the RV, you will be obligated to carry RV insurance as it will protect the lender’s collateral.

There are plenty of situations when someone in Las Vegas, NV will need RV insurance. When you are looking for a new policy, you should call the Everett Insurance Group. The insurance team at the Everett Insurance Group can help you to pick a policy that will ensure you are in full compliance with your obligations. 

Motorcycle Safety Tips

Whether you bike for fun or as your primary form of transportation, motorcycles have many benefits, such as better gas mileage and easier commuting. Unfortunately, they also come with more risks than the average car or truck. Everett Insurance Group of Las Vegas, NV wants to make sure every rider is the safest they can be on the road. Here are some must-read safety tips for motorcyclists: 

  • Choose the right gear. Whether you’re driving or riding along as a passenger, Nevada law requires everyone to wear a helmet. It’s easy to see why – people who don’t wear helmets are three times more likely to suffer a brain injury in a crash. Besides helmets, bikers should consider thick clothing such as leather to protect against injuries on impact.
  • Choose the right motorcycle. Your needs will vary depending on how you plan to use your bike. Certain models are more suited to commuting, where others are built for lengthy trips on the highway. Do your research and discuss your needs with a professional to choose the right ride. Also, consider taking a Motorcycle Safety Foundation certified course to learn how to operate your new bike safely.
  • Be vigilant. Proper safety should always be a priority, on and off the road. Always make sure you are visible to other drivers – don’t simply trust that they know you’re there. When you’re off the road, make sure you inspect and maintain your motorcycle to avoid catastrophic failures down the line.

You are always your first line of defense on the road, but even the most alert riders can run into trouble. If you’re looking for insurance to keep yourself safe and legal, Everett Insurance Group can help. Call our Las Vegas, NV office today, or use our handy, no-obligation quote tool to learn more.

Benefits of Classic Car Insurance

Classic cars have unique insurance needs. Just like your family car, they need to have insurance to be driven on the road. While classic car insurance is similar to other auto insurance policies, it does have some unique features. The policy will place the insured value at an amount that is agreed upon. Also, classic cars tend to increase in value over time, unlike traditional vehicles. In the Las Vegas, NV area, our agents at Everett Insurance Group can help you with insurance for your classic car. 

Not every vehicle qualifies for classic car insurance. In Nevada, classic cars are defined as those that are at least 25 years old. Also, they can not be used as a primary vehicle. Most insurance will give an annual mileage limit. This allows car enthusiasts to be able to attend auto shows but not drive the vehicle frequently. Finally, when it is not out on the road, it needs to be appropriately stored in a garage. 

For those vehicles that meet those requirements, the rest of the policy is similar to traditional auto policies. Policies offer comprehension and collision insurance. Some include roadside assistance and flatbed towing. If the car is displayed at shows, coverage will protect it when you are not there. Medical coverage is also available while attending auto shows. 

At Everett Insurance Group, our team works with classic car owners throughout the Las Vegas, NV area. We understand the special needs that classic cars have. We’ll discuss your coverage options with you so that you can choose the policy that best suits your needs. Whether you’ve lovingly restored the vehicle or are an enthusiast, you need to know that it’s protected when you head to an auto show. Give us a call and protect your classic car today!

What Kind of Recreational Insurance Do You Need?

Your RV is the perfect vehicle for a Nevada road trip. For stress-free travels, take time to purchase recreational insurance to protect you on the road. Recreational insurance from Everett Insurance Group offers protection against theft, accidents, break downs, and more. Here’s what you should know about RV insurance in Las Vegas, NV.

Types of Coverage

At Everett Insurance Group, we offer extensive RV coverage options to keep you safe on the road. These include:

  • Liability
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Uninsured Motorist 
  • Total Loss Replacement
  • Campsite & Vacation  
  • Roadside Assist

Your choice of coverage will depend on the type of protection you need. If you’re new to RV road trips or own an expensive RV, you may want more extensive coverage to protect you, others, and your vehicle on the road. Avid RV travelers may also want more protection than someone who uses their vehicle less frequently or for shorter distances. 

Mandatory Coverage

In Nevada, RV owners are required to have minimum liability coverage to help pay for injuries or property damage to others in accidents that are their fault. Liability insurance fulfills your responsibility to others in accidents you cause. 

Optional Coverage

Collision, comprehensive, UM, and total loss replacement RV coverage aren’t required in Nevada but can save you from paying thousands of dollars in damages to your RV in the event of an accident. Collision insurance helps pay for collision damage to your vehicle. With total loss replacement coverage, we’ll cover the cost of replacing your RV if it’s destroyed in an accident.   

Comprehensive protects you against vehicle theft and covers damage caused by vandalism, falling objects, and bad weather. UM insurance protects you against damage caused by uninsured or underinsured drivers. 

For help in selecting the right recreational insurance for you, contact Everett Insurance Group serving residents in Las Vegas, NV.

Good Reasons to Consider Getting Renters Insurance

If you are renting a home or apartment in Las Vegas, NV, you will need an insurance policy that covers your belongings. Certain liabilities and your personal belongings are only covered through renter’s insurance that you will have to find and purchase. It’s common for people to assume that the landlord’s insurance policy covers the renter’s belongings as well as the landlord’s property. Insurance will generally only cover losses to the building. If there is damage to your property, the cost of replacement can quickly add up, and if someone is injured while visiting you, they can file a claim for damages against you. So, if you thought you didn’t need renter’s insurance, Everett Insurance Group has put together a few good reasons to consider it.

Covers Loss to Personal Property

Even if you don’t own a lot of valuable belongings, the cost to replace your things can add up quicker than you may realize. Renter’s insurance protects against you against losses to your personal property, including electronics, furniture, jewelry, and clothing. A renter’s insurance policy may cover loss to personal property from a variety of different perils, including fire, smoke, hail or windstorm, and vandalism.

Provides Liability Coverage

A standard renter’s insurance policy also covers liability, which is protection should someone get injured while in your home or if you accidentally injure someone. Liability coverage pays legal expenses as well as court judgments, up to the policy limit.

Keep in mind that your landlord’s insurance generally covers the structure and the grounds, but not your personal belongings. For this reason, it is common for landlords to require tenants to purchase their own renter’s insurance policy, and many landlords require proof of this. When buying renters insurance, be sure you carefully review the policy and understand what the policy covers, what your deductibles are, and the coverage limits.

Residents of Las Vegas NV interested in learning more information about purchasing renters insurance should contact Everett Insurance Group.

3 Tips for Buying RV Insurance in Nevada

Whether you live in your RV full time or take it on the road a few times a year, it’s important to have RV insurance. Just like any other vehicle, or home, your RV is susceptible to accidents, unexpected injuries, and other events where coverage is needed. In the long run, having an RV insurance policy will protect your finances and give you peace of mind. To help you get started with the policy buying process, the Everett Insurance Group in Las Vegas, NV has put together this list of three tips. Read on to learn more.

1. Work with a Reputable Insurance Agent

Your first step when buying an RV policy is to contact a reputable insurance agent who will guide you through the process. You can expect to have all your questions answered concerning various policies, as well as find discounts you may not have been aware of being available.

2. Compare Several Insurance Quotes

Your agent will help you compare several quotes before making a decision. They will point out all the coverage and costs and make sure you thoroughly understand the policy you decide on purchasing. Our agent will help you from start to finish.

3. Bundle Your Insurance Policies

To save money on your new RV insurance policy, bundle with your other policies, such as umbrella insurance, auto insurance, home insurance, and life insurance. When you bundle all your policies under one insurance carrier, you can expect a discount on your premiums. You can stay with the insurance company you currently have or consider switching to a new company for added savings.

To learn more about purchasing RV insurance, contact Everett Insurance Group, serving the Las Vegas, NV area. Our friendly insurance agents are currently standing by to accept your call.



Do I need motorcycle insurance in Nevada

Nevada is a great place to enjoy motorcycle riding. Beautiful scenery and flat roads make for excellent biking, but as it is in most parts of the country, the freedom of the road offered by riding a motorcycle comes with risk. Most bike accidents in Nevada result in injuries. The law requires basic liability to be carried by everyone who drives any vehicle. In Nevada, the law is 15/30/10. This provides protection to anyone you have an accident with when you are at fault. At Everett Insurance Group in Las Vegas, NV, we know the law, and we also know what additional coverage would be beneficial to you.

But what about you, your passenger, and your bike? You are not required to have that kind of coverage, but just because you are not required, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t carry it.

Unless your motorcycle has little or no value, which is unlikely, you will want to get it repaired in the event of an accident. Depending on the type of accident that it was, you may need to have comprehensive insurance (which also covers for theft and vandalism) or collision. In addition to protecting your bike, having uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage and medical protection may also make sense. If you can pay all of these expenses out of the pocket quickly, then maybe you don’t need this additional coverage, but if it would be a hardship, then it is worth considering.

At Everett Insurance Group in Las Vegas, NV, we know the insurance business. Our team has the information that you need to understand what coverage you should carry on your bike. We invite you to stop by our office or give us a call to set up an appointment to discuss the coverage you currently have or the coverage you need if you are new to biking.

Homeowner’s Insurance for First Time Buyers in Nevada

Buying your first residential property is exciting! However, it’s important to remember to protect your new asset with adequate insurance coverage. Everett Insurance Group offers homeowner’s insurance for first-time buyers in Las Vegas, NV. Here are some facts we think you should know before signing up for coverage.

  • Buy multiple policies from the same agent. When you bundle your auto insurance, business policies, life insurance, and homeowner’s coverage with one agency, you can realize significant savings on your overall premium payments.
  • Know your financial situation before choosing a deductible. Higher deductibles mean lower premium payments. However, if you don’t have enough savings to cover a big emergency, it’s best to opt for a lower deductible plan.
  • Nevada law does not require you to purchase or maintain an active homeowner’s insurance policy. However, your mortgage lender might. Talk to your lender to ensure your policy contains all the necessary elements to satisfy your loan requirements.
  • Even if your banking institution doesn’t require coverage, it’s essential to sign up for homeowner’s coverage as soon as possible after the purchase. Very few people are financially equipped to absorb the financial damage that comes with a significant catastrophe to their residential property.
  • Have your home professionally assessed. Ask the assessor what risks your particular property may be privy to. Take that information to your insurance agent to help build a policy that is specifically suited to your property.
  • In Nevada, flood protection is always excluded from homeowner’s policies. Talk to your agent to find other solutions, if flooding concerns you.

The experts at Everett Insurance Group are here to guide you through the process of insuring your Las Vegas, NV area home. Contact them to start customizing your property coverage today.

How Can I Include Business Interruption in My Commercial Insurance Plan?

You may live in an area where flooding, earthquakes or hurricanes sometimes wreak devastating havoc. As if natural disasters weren’t nerve-racking enough, having a business compounds the anxiety over possibly losing your home and possessions. Luckily, business interruption service covers you for business losses due to a natural disaster. Everett Insurance Group agents can help you have one less thing to worry about in Las Vegas, NV.

What Is Business Interruption Insurance?

Business interruption, or business income, insurance covers financial losses to your business due to a disaster. This includes disaster-related closing or rebuilding after a disaster.

Business interruption service varies from property insurance, which just covers physical damage to your facility. In contrast, business interruption insurance pays for what you would have earned. The purpose is to your business back in the same standing as before the accident.  Like all coverage types, it covers perils listed in your policy, so that’s one area you should clarify and customize to the risks in your area.

How Can You Get Business Interruption Insurance?

You can purchase business interruption insurance through your business property insurance or in a bundled package, such as a BOP, or business owner’s policy. In some areas, you can purchase it as an individual policy. Note that business interruption is considered a subset of a primary policy, which will dictate the covered events.

Contact Us

Contact Everett Insurance Group today regarding all your business insurance needs. Business interruption insurance can help you continue to pay salaries and wages and meet business obligations while you’re rebuilding your livelihood. Make an appointment today to ensure that your Las Vegas, NV company is adequately insured.

What Is Hazard Insurance? Is It A Policy I need?

If you are a new or potential homeowner, you must have come across the term Hazard Insurance from your real estate agent or mortgage company. This must be confusing as you are probably more familiar with homeowners insurance. The question that must be running through your head is “do I need to get a separate hazard insurance policy from the standard homeowners’ insurance?” The answer is no! Though technically different, almost all homeowner insurance policies have hazard insurance embedded in them. So, what then is Hazard insurance and why do you need it?

Hazard insurance is designed to protect the homeowner against structural damages caused by natural disaster. These occurrences are known in the insurance world as “hazards” hence the term hazard insurance. Hazard insurance covers only damages that occur from natural perils that affects the actual structure of your home and not your personal belongings in your home. The common perils covered under hazard insurance includes, floods, hurricanes, tornado, hail, and smoke. As a homeowner, you want to protect your building from damages and ensure that when these incidents happen you don’t pay out of pocket. For real estate agents and mortgage companies, their primary focus is on the structure of your building and not the content of it hence the term hazard insurance used more frequently in that industry. Under the hazard insurance, if a flood or tornado blows through your home, the policy will help with the repair or rebuilding costs.

Homeowners insurance, on the other hand, takes care of the structural damages as well as loss to personal property in the home. This policy protects you financially from various types of damage which are usually specified in your policy, as well as theft. Homeowners insurance also covers medical bills if someone is injured at your house and any legal costs if they decide to sue you, in addition to damage caused by fire, windstorms, hail, vandalism, and lightning.

The good news is, you do not need a separate hazard policy. In short, there is no insurance policy sold that is labeled “hazard” alone. Your homeowners’ policy already covers that. The only difference is some mortgage companies will ask you to add specific hazards to your policy based on the location of your home or property. For instance, if you live in an area that is plagued constantly with tornados, chances are your mortgage lender will require you to have tornado coverage on your home.

Remember whenever you are in doubt about your policy, talk to your agent for clarification.