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Nevada Boat/Watercraft insurance coverage

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Boat/Watercraft Insurance in Nevada

Even though Nevada has a lot of boating legislation, it does not compel boaters to have insurance. However, many boaters prefer to get boat/watercraft insurance to be safe. Smaller boats may be covered by homeowners insurance, but the coverage is not usually sufficient. At Everett Insurance Group, we write quotes for our Las Vegas, NV, clients who are looking for boat/watercraft insurance policies that suit them. The following are several coverage options;

Uninsured/Underinsured Watercraft Coverage

Since Nevada doesn’t require boaters to have insurance, many boaters do not have it. This coverage helps to pay for damages caused by boats and watercraft that have little or no insurance coverage. It may also help to pay for medical fees.

Fuel Spill Liability And Wreckage Removal

Accidental oil spills are sometimes difficult to avoid. However, they may be costly to clean, and they may be harmful to other people. This insurance coverage helps to pay for the costs of clearing oil and removing your boat if it has been damaged or wrecked.

Physical Damage Coverage

This coverage option usually covers the physical aspects of your boat. If your boat gets into an accident, this option pays you the actual cash value of the boat, the replacement cost or the agreed cost. It covers anchors, batteries, masts, lights, fittings, motors, depth finders, fuel tanks, horns, and other parts of your boat.

Property Damage Liability

This insurance coverage helps to pay for the repair costs of other people’s property if you damage them after an accident that is your fault.

Bodily Injury Liability

This coverage option pays for medical fees, compensation for pain and suffering, or legal fees caused by injury to other people when your boat gets into an accident.

At Everett Insurance Group, we have professional agents that can help you get boat/watercraft insurance quotes that suit your needs in Las Vegas, NV. Visit our office today or contact us on (702) 623-4500 to discuss a new quote.

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