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Auto Insurance in Nevada

Not only is auto insurance a legal requirement of driving in most states, but it can also help lessen the financial burden if you're in an accident. However, auto insurance is most effective when you choose the right type of coverage.

Full Coverage vs. Liability

When you purchase a Nevada auto insurance policy from the Everett Insurance Group, you have your choice of either full coverage or liability coverage. Liability coverage is the type of policy that most drivers carry; this covers damages and injuries to the other party if you are involved in an accident. Full coverage, on the other hand, covers damages and injuries to both you and the other party, which means you aren't left broke and without a vehicle when you get in an accident.

The only time you are required to carry full coverage in Las Vegas, NV is when the car you are insuring is still being paid off.

Your Deductible

The type of coverage you choose isn't the only decision you'll need to make when you purchase a Nevada auto insurance policy—you'll also need to decide how much you want your deductible to be. The higher your deductible, the lower your monthly premium will be. However, you will have to pay for repairs that don't cost as much as your deductible, so a higher deductible could leave you paying for more expensive repairs out of pocket.

Choosing a deductible means figuring out the price of various repairs for your vehicle and weighing the risk vs. the reward. Raising your deductible is a big decision, so you should never go into the process without plenty of information. You can discuss this issue with one of our agents, and we can find the best policy for your situation.

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