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Nevada umbrella insurance coverage

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Umbrella Insurance in Nevada

Everett Insurance Group writes quotes for umbrella insurance for our clients in Las Vegas, NV and around the state. Umbrella insurance is usually taken as a form of additional coverage. It offers extra liability coverage that exceeds the limits of more basic insurance coverage options such as auto insurance, homeowners insurance, and boat/watercraft insurance. It also offers protection against claims that are not covered by liability policies such as slander, mental anguish, libel, and false arrest. Our quotes are customized to suit the needs of individuals.

The following are some of the things that are covered by umbrella insurance.

Property Damage And Bodily Injury Liability

Umbrella insurance coverage may help pay for the costs of repair or replacement of other people’s property. The state of Nevada requires all drivers to have auto insurance. However, it may not be sufficient. Umbrella insurance may pay for the repair of another driver’s car after an accident that is your fault. It may also pay for the damage of property by your family members. For homeowners, it may help pay for injury or damage of property to other people as a result of the homeowner’s negligence.

Legal Fees

It may help pay for civil charges, libel, or slander fees. It also helps to pay for legal expenses including the costs of a lawsuit and lawyer charges. It can also help you pay for such lawsuits as a violation of property and false or malicious arrest.

At Everett Insurance Group, we help our clients in Las Vegas, NV, and around the state, get the right kind of umbrella insurance coverage for their specific needs. Our trained and experienced agents are dedicated to taking care of the needs of individuals and businesses in Nevada. Visit our office today in Las Vegas, NV or contact us at (702) 623-4500 to discuss a policy. We can answer your questions and help you get started.

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